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My Tips

In the book, these tips are used in context and used throughout, they make more sense there and in that way!

Fit those slip on ties to all glasses, that way you can put around neck, and not lose, or worse, run over them!
Never let them read you the last rites, it could be the last thing you hear; the state wants you dead, it’s cheaper than paying you the benefit. Trust no one, even the doctors have ulterior motives and numbers to meet each month, who wants you not to be fed, or want you to turn off the switch, they’re under obligation to say that.

Get some tee’s or if your hot, some singlet’s. Cut them from top to bottom, leaving a slit up the back. Sew some ties or Velcro at the collar and voila.

The most comfortable but light, yet warm, clothing line is that made from merino wool, incredibly stretchy. But alas needs hand washing, and air drying.

Grazing either elbow?  solved by a skateboarders elbow pad.

Getting a stiff neck, gawking at your ipod or iphone all day? why not slip a doorstop wedge under it too tilt it up.

A paint roller brush, makes an excellent hand/finger tube. It’s soft, fluffy and washable. Buy the short ones, and its avail in a variety of diameters.

Hand cold?, trouble maintaining grip on roll? Put on a sock. Cut off tip if you mind wearing one.

Even the best carers will often have trouble cleaning you downstairs, but there is help for both carer and patient alike Peri-foam Bio

Did you know a beer or two is excellent for bladder heath, even unblocking lines and removing debris. Not a drinker? Try ginger beer, it’s just as good.

A laser pointer makes life a lot easier for victim and carer. But try saying the object as you point to it, lest you become lazy. Hunt for a ‘pen’ type and attach round neck with a lanyard. It’s far less frustrating for both parties!

I just have to plug this little gem of an app for the  Apple iPod ,iPad or iPhone its called smalltalk oral motor exercises, and is avail on iTunes here. More info on it and other apps  It is FREE, and has a series of exercises for your face [mouth, lips and tongue] which play full screen with descriptive audio. Just put the word ‘aphasia’ into iTunes search engine and see how much is available.

Build up a repository of bandanna’s and use as facecloths on yourself, or use as clothes savers when eating and drinking.

Remotes; install lanyards on the battery cover clip, this will allow you to wear them around your neck at first, or wheelchair armrest as you get used to handling it. Keep lanyard on, it makes reaching and grabbing lots easier. Lanyards can be bought cheaply at $2 shops etc.

To convert to 24hr military time, ADD 12 if after 12, i.e. 1pm=1300 [pronounced 13 hundred hours], do nothing if before i.e. 10am=1000 [pronounced 10 hundred hours].

You want to double the life of bulbs, leave on, or replace light switches with a dimmer for a less abrupt soft start. [Some dimmers dislike eco bulbs, ask!]. You can’t put one on your PC, but you can leave on. Set screen to blank after a period. Staying at constant temp, no turn-on spikes, hard drives that don’t have to spin up and down, it’ll repay you in longevity. Being energy efficient, it’ll only add a couple of dollars each month. But it’ll save hundreds in repairs and constant bulb replacements! So leave your pc on, leave lights on, especially Eco’s or install dimmers.

Remember we live a sedentary lifestyle in our chairs now, we don’t need, or burn the same calories as before. It is much easier to maintain it than it is to lose, so try to keep it off.

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