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"A book that can make you laugh and cry, Im Stroked' to be Alive is a story about someone with more determination in his left toe than an army division, the importance of every small step of independence, and the sometimes very strange effects morphine can have. A must read for anyone who has, or knows someone who has had an impairment."
James G

A Revelation of the NZ Healthcare Service Pathway of Treatment & Management of Stroke"  
Anonymous RN

When a friend or loved one suffers a stroke, or some other kind of brain injury, you are at a total loss. The inability to communicate is crippling not just for the victim, but for those around that want to help. What Greg has written here is a first person account that will be incredibly useful not just to victims of brain injury, but those close to them. Charged with the testosterone-driven, blokey humour he has always had, Greg takes us through his experiences of Brain Stem Stroke, Locked-in Syndrome, many of the technicalities and a deep desire for pudding. He also offers hope." 

Dave B

Got me reading from the first page to the last again and again. What a wonderfully, honest account of what could have been a man stuck in a lonely, isolated world. A story of amazing bravery, perseverance and optimism that is truly inspiring. Particularly striking is the fact that the writer does not hold back on painful and discomforting details; every step of the journey is well explored from a personal point of view;  contrasted with in depth neuroscientific research and finishing off with a candid account of the writer’s passage through the New Zealand Health Care System. A well-rounded, well-documented memoir; that certainly stands out due to the writer’s wry humour and his ability to transcend his vivacious personality into his writing. " 

Anna L

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