im stroked to be alive

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On January 30 2011, I suffered a massive brainstem clot after 6 weeks of misdiagnosed problems. Which left me locked-in and fighting for my life. I could hear but barely even blink. I was just 48.

This is my true story of how I learned to eat again. My long crawl back to life from the brink. Many links to unfamiliar words and abbreviations. Learn about New Zealand as you read. Many tips, photos, over 100pgs and words of advice and encouragement. A must read for the newly inflicted. Hilarious chapters will lift the gloom! In pdf fomat and soon for apples ibook avail free on itunes.

"my husband had a brain stem stroke two weeks ago. It wasn't diagnosed although we told doctors we thought he was having a stroke, so I am very upset. He cannot move anything other than eyes, and can cough and swallow some. His breathing is not great and needs an oxygen mask. The doctors are definitely wanting him to go, e.g., let a chest infection "take him" in their words. We asked that he be fed by naso gastric tube -- against the doctors wishes, so he is having food. I get these small glimmers of hope that he could improve, but mainly it seems he will die. It is a living nightmare for him and us all. He is 48 and we have a 13 year old daughter."

Please SHARE my site on your social networks. These ebooks are FREE instead tho, in-lieu of $, you might want to drop me an email. It's taken years to stab away one fingered for you. What's a couple of mins to you?

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