Foreward - im stroked to be alive

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If you are reading this there’s a good chance your loved one or someone in your family has been directly affected by stroke. I’m here to remind you there IS light at the end of the tunnel. These may be dark days now, but once you hit rock bottom, the only direction left is UP. Never forget that, ok. You must be thankful you’re alive and not dwell on what you have lost, but what lies ahead of you.

In this final revised edition, I include some antics of my past life and a whole new chapter on my army career while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In order for you to better understand my state of mind and just how lucky I’ve been. You will learn about New Zealand, you know that little country that no-one remembers; and if they do, think its Australian! A land of giants, rugby giants, rowing giants, shot-put giants, yachting giants. Homeland of the bungee, the jet boat, Britten superbikes, the worlds fastest Indian, Jackson’s hobbit and l.o.t.rings and much more.

Look, if an old druggie can get back on track, what excuse do you have?  In the 6 months since I first wrote it, I have become more lucid, and have remembered more.


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